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Brick's double trouble mech ion with custom hopper.

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    Brick's double trouble mech ion with custom hopper.

    Warning this is a work in progress, but wanted to share in case it inspires more peeps to build.

    Sorry for the album.i cant postpics here. Some old some new. Ill update as I go.

    My dual ion so far. Need more parts.


    Custom cut hopper. 2x Richochet AK hoppers. Right motor is inverted to spin CCW. Feeds 10bps per feedneck in drop tests.

    Ans 90* frame with dovetail, and air thru mod.
    Empire relay regulator
    hodge podged mech kit with smav-3
    Extcy qevs (2nd one in the mail) (bigger tube fittings)
    stock modded bolt in one
    Trinity sick bolt in the other
    3skull paintball bodies
    Parabolic thin air barrels.
    cheap Amazon feednecks.

    There is a story behind the bodies the blue fade was on ebay. I bought it thinking it was a NDZ flame. Til I tried to purchase a real NDZ flame body to match and noticed the stark differences. After researching I found it was a 3skull body, and the only one I could find was in Australia with this black fade. I bought it in q panick thanks to FOMO. After the fact I hoped it would make the markers look "hot". Long story short, no more ebay before coffee.

    My non 360 qev wont work in these bodies so as of today thats my new snag. Otherwise these are ready to hit the field.

    I wish I could get another trinity or colored bolt as it looks sweet snapping back and forth with 2x open ended bodies staring at you. That being said, its not needed, but if one comes up ill be trying to snag it.

    Awesome build


      Can't wait for a shooting video! (Complete with paint and mounted hoppers)
      Fred aka ChoSanJuan
      Team: With Intent
      Paintball parts and 3D Printed items!
      My Feedback


        Originally posted by ChoSanJuan View Post
        Can't wait for a shooting video! (Complete with paint and mounted hoppers)
        I just dropped my 5 tanks off at Nardini fire for a hydro party. Ill get a vid when I get my tanks back.


          Originally posted by BrickHaus View Post

          I just dropped my 5 tanks off at Nardini fire for a hydro party. Ill get a vid when I get my tanks back.
          As with all your pb stuff.......lmk when you wanna sell hahaha -Dan


            That’s cool can’t wait to see it shoot!


              First shooting video. Shot well over all, ended up overboring, and still has breakage issues, so accuracy was shit. Not sure if im short stroking her on faster firing or the paints just brittle today, but I ran a whole pod pack out of it on field with mostly good sucess. I think ill be tuning it a bit more.

              Im shooting 260s cuz that was the fields way of letting me shoot 2 balls per trigger pull and be fair with the others.




                  Oh no she blended.... you try some graffiti?


                    Nah, just this premium. But the chrono break was a barrel break. I had 2 parabolic thin air barrels, but its a kit, so one was .680 back, one was .685. Needless to say the .680 was a blender barrel.

                    i switched to the sp barrels, and it was shooting okay, but I think those backs are like .690 or something so they shot pretty bad. Then I am pretty sure I short stroked it while trying to have some fun and chopped one. Then it was cold enough that I couldnt shoot through them. Fill was just too gelatenous.


                      Try some hard shell rec paint we have been shooting the Fate at practice it’s been shooting laser straight but it’s a lil more bouncy. I tried shooting some Redemption Pro the other day and 50-60* is still to cold for it. Even left it on the black roof of the car to warm it up a lil. But I couldn’t get it out the barrel without breaks. Got to wait for a nice 70* day to use that stuff.


                        Thats my plan. They right ion has a stock bolt so the weight may slow my cycle time down a smidge as well. But for the cobbled together mess this is it worked pretty well.

                        Once tuned proper. ill put a pair of apex tips on it and criss cross on em.


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                          Chuck E Ducky

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                          Yessss! That would be awesome!