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Bedazzle that cocker (opinions wanted)

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    Bedazzle that cocker (opinions wanted)

    So, in the recent Halloween marker thread someone posted some skulls that they had on their 3 way hoses, I thought this was super cool and am now stealing the idea.

    So I set off in search of skull beads and found some decent ones then came across some crystal beads and thought that's pretty cool, so, I'm looking for some opinions. Here is the marker they would go on and some of the options

    The metal one with the open mouth I would need to re-drill the hole because the hole that is in it is horizontal so it would still have that hole unfortunately

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    I would vote for these since the color goes along with the rest of the marker

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    • Alexndl


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      I agree the color match better the ano

    Yeah im with the person above me. Those look dope


      What!? I'm degraded into being a simple someone on the boards now? Just make sure there's enough room to stick these on the hoses going into the solenoid! Option 3 is closest to what I have. maybe fill the holes and re-drill? Also the shiny skills are harder to figure out they are skulls. Metallic ones match your knob and eye cover better.
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        You can look at those beard beads too
        you wont need to redrill but might be a little loose