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Building my new work bench, what do I need

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    Building my new work bench, what do I need

    Ok, putting together my new work space in the new house and my birthday is coming up. What should I put on my wish list that I am forgetting about?

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    Parts bins and another tech mat! Rubber ones are nicer than the foam ones.
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      Originally posted by Cdn_Cuda View Post
      Parts bins and another tech mat! Rubber ones are nicer than the foam ones.
      Hey, that is rubber

      And $2!!!

      Ikea door mats, flip them over for the rubber side and glue a few magnets to them. Bam! Done

      I'm planning on peg board on the wall eventually. Idk, I'm not the biggest pegboard fan.

      Storage isn't a bad idea though

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        One, get a camera that focuses.

        Two, lighting. Desk lamp, drafting lamp, reading lamp, whatever floats your boat.

        Three, storage, storage, storage. The little parts drawers for springs and screws, the compartmented cases for marker parts, and a small compartmented tray for the project of the moment. Keeps bits from rolling off the bench and falling into the Void Between Worlds that always seems to lurk between the top of the bench and the floor.

        Four, tool organization. A small rack or desk organizer or whatever so that your most-used tools are easily accessible, and you have a place to put them back, rather than just in a heap in the corner.

        Five, artwork. Hang something up on those walls. That looks like a police interrogation room or something.

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        • JeeperCreeper


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          What about the most important thing? A mini fridge full of Dew under the workbench for easy access.

        • Cdn_Cuda


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          Jeeper, you spelt Beer wrong.

        A vise with some soft jaws.

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        Id hate to be that guy, but building around your electrical panel isnt the best idea. Sparkies get touchy about their working space.

        But ignoring that, Id say shelves or drawers under the work surface. Task lighting,a soldering iron, a high shelf on the perpendicular wall, maybe a few plastic or magnetic parts trays.


        • BLachance75


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          Those damn sparkies

        Gun vise. I picked up a Tipton damaged box special from Amazon. The rubber pad is nice, but a soft, infinitely adjustable vice with compartment trays is amazing.
        Old school brass........


          One of those modeling magnifying lenses with light could help.

          Tool storage

          Parts bins, magnetic and plastic

          Small drawer system for bolts, fittings, etc

          Self healing cutting mat

          Overhead light
          Egg Force Hopper
          Ion Long Rifle
          Spyder Pump the easy way
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