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Autococker Bolt O Ring Question

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    Autococker Bolt O Ring Question

    Any actual downside to running autococker bolts without O rings (or at least the front one)? Specifically on a pump

    I have a pump that I am trying to smooth out the stroke on. It is an ID gun, with ID bolt, and it seems like the front O ring is dragging a ton on the detents. I realized I have always either had guns that were pumps with O ring-less bolts like CCM, or most of my guns with O rings on the bolts were set up as mechs.

    Trying some different sizes would always be an option as well. Thanks

    Efficiency really, maybe some consistency as well but I'm all honesty, I would try it and see what happens.

    Also go down a size and see what happens

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      WGP got rid of the front oring on the bolt in 2000 or 2001 I think.... you'll be fine without it.
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        Unless the bolt is a really loose fit in the bore, you'll be fine. My most efficient Cocker just had a Delrin bolt without o-ring grooves.


          Most of my teammates take one of the detents out of their empire/id guns for this reason. Unless you’re using a high tension force feed loader, I’d be more inclined to do that than pull the oring off the bolt. Id bolts have blowback problems as it is.


            I don't use o-rings on my delrin bolts and they're fine. I'm fond of ANS venturi bolts and I use thinner o-rings on them, not enough to really cause much more friction.
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              I assume this is a Cooper-T type detent? Have you tried turning it out half a turn? I've run into this from time to time.