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Dust Black Victory with Supercharger, 4C Eyes, and Tadao OLED F/S/T


Okay, just gonna keep it simple. I have a dust black Victory for sale or trade. It has Tadao USB, 4C Eyes, and Supercharger engine. The stock barrel will be included unless we work out a deal to include the SLY.

I am the second owner of this Victory, the first was AndrewFalk. There has been a total of 3 cases through this gun since the supercharger kit was installed, 1 by me and 2 by the previous owner.

I am very happy with this gun, and if I don't get a great offer, I will have no problem with keeping it.

I want $1150 OBO or high end guns + $$$, all trades must be in my favor.

No 2-4-1 or 3-4-1's unless they're ridiculously in my favor.

More pics later, this will do for now.
Dust Black Victory with Supercharger, 4C Eyes, and OLED F/S/T

MINT Russian Legion Marq F/S

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