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Apparently some people don't know their stuff in here -- you don't realize how much that Karni body is worth and how unbelievably rare it is. Detent free makes it available to other options like a wire detent or perhaps none at all without the risk of a hole being there. And second it's not drilled, which means that there's no eye sore and it doesn't even have the eye slot milled as compared to like about 99.9% of every other Karnivor currently out. True that it'll take a bit of work to get it up and running, but it's well worth it to the cocker collector. I seriously doubt somebody replicated this body; however it's not entirely impossible.

If the person who bought it was wondering where to get the feedneck, then look here: WGP Autococker Threaded Vertical Feed Port - Raw As said on Custom-Cockers, I smell a mechanical marker being born


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