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Well, yes and no.

My wife and I are always watching action/adventure type tv and movies and she can always count on me to weigh in on the accuracy of the gun fight depictions.

One thing that always fascinates my wife is how does the hero have so many people popping caps at him without getting hit. I am fond of telling her that unless you are standing right next to your target, or taking the time to aim down the sights, there is no guarantee that you will hit anything at all with a handgun.

An object lesson is never far away when you rely on the Tib for personal defense on the PB field.

Once, while I was bunkered pretty good on three sides, I saw Al through a crack in the protection, jumping from his hide and charging toward me. (He did not know exactly where I was)
So... thinking that I would take out Al before being eliminated by his flanking teammates, I rose out of my spot, leveled my fully loaded Tib at him and unloaded it at him as he ran toward me from about 15 feet away.

After the dust had settled and Al had picked himself up from where he had dived for cover, it was revealed that I had hit him exactly once, in the wrist! When I fired my last shot, he was maybe 5 feet away.

If that doesn't impress upon you the difficulty of spraying and praying with a handgun, I do not know what will.


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I still don't get that.
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