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I've got some old project stuff for sale, I'd like to sell this all as a lot.
$50 OBO gets the whole thing.

1. A non working DS DS Slider. I finally decided I'm never going to get around to getting this thing running, It should just need the screws that attach the grip to the tubes but since it wasn't ever together when I first got it, I can't be certain that it would hold air, may need new seals.

2. A NW Drop w/ On Off, this works to hold air but it appears that the On/Off part is not working correctly, it works as a drop with an ASA just fine but the knob for turning the flow on or off doesn't work. This comes with all scews.

3. Grip/Trigger for a BE Tigershark.

4. DYE wrapround 45 grips.

5 & 6. Rear ASA piece and other thingy from a BE Tigershark
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