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Some Info:

Was made by a Benjamin Sheridan Employee as a Prototype. Has a long barrel, (will have to measure it next time I see it) and a side tube feed (Holds 21-23 balls IIRC). It does seem have pellet rifle style sights. It takes 2 12 grams in the normal location, first one goes nipple end in first, second one goes in butt end first. The cap has a piercer on it for the top 12 gram, and another piercer in the bottom, which is an insta-pierce type set-up. It also has the blled knob to release pressure or fool your opponet into thinking your changing 12 grams. It is pristine and it was tested out awhile back, and is tested over a chrono every 2-3 years or so. It is on display at G-Force paintball in Fairview heights Ilinois, near St. Louis. And yes he is a horder of the highest magnitude. He *Does* own a Phoenix also........................

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