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Originally Posted by freebird View Post
One question, WHY SO EARLY? this means id have to leave my house at 330am
the ducks can crash at my place night before the event if that makes you feel better... I have a pull out couch and like 5 sleeping bags.. my living room is yours for the taking.... don't touch my fridge!
Originally Posted by paintslinger16 View Post
And my point was they are forcing you to buy two cases a head of time when you may only need one case. Which IMO is not fair.
to make this, new for the area and field, pump event happen the field needs to set the price point where it is.... they "wanted" to get more for the team registration price but I fought that. I was thinking... team registration $$$ just goes to the field, so if we lowered the reg price and had a 2 case minimum you would get a better deal because your buying paint. the original deal was $150 team registration and paint at $55... that's $205 and you only have 1 case. SO I thought $90 reg and 2 cases was better for the players. If you think about it, you're getting a 3man +2 Alt. player team registered and 2 cases for a little less than $67 a person ($200 split 3 ways...) if you split it more ways evan cheaper, you get the idea...
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