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That's correct (I need to go to bed already), I was mixing it up with the rumored mags that haven't been released. Supposedly, we will see mags without the 12g function so they can bring cheaper mags to the remote users.
What's that? Someone acknowledging that maybe putting the 12g in the mag just so it would seem more like a real gun wasn't actually an improvement?

I've long believed that this innovation was false progress. Ingenious, yes, but helpful, not really. Why remove and dump a portion of your 12g every 8 shots when it could be good for 30? I know you can get 24ish shots from a single 12g, but if the paint reloads are as agonizing as I've heard compared to most other springfed pistols...

But, for a hundred bucks, even I took the plunge, so where does that leave me now?
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Oh no.
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Mark could sew an all-patch mankini... Greg, please change the background color to yellow
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