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Originally Posted by sdawg View Post
I called PMI, and one of their techs told me that a reg should put out the set pressure (e.g., 750psi) until there is about 800-900psi left in the tank, and then the pressure will start to drop and fluctuate.

I guess the inline reg could, in theory, "smooth out" pressure fluctuations. Maybe I can get more consistent velocities out of my cocker by setting my inline reg at a lower pressure than the on-bottle reg.
Well thats what they TELL you...........
A lil backround on myself. I did tourney tech for Air America for 3 years or so. I tested most air systems up to 2 years ago. MOST air systems will raise their output pressure, as bottle goes down. You have less bottle pressure pushing on the piston, which makes the spring open the orifice more, and you get higher pressures. Older manifolded Max-Flows were better about this, and I am talking 02 and older max-flows. They were good, but still not perfect. Nitro ducks "Mega" reg was touted as to not having to use a secondary reg, but the one I tested varied 50-100psi. Those tests could have been one faulty regs, granted, but I have heard many people swear they were the best. AA 'Geddons when properly maintained and lubed, would vary about 15-20psi, but I wouldnt use one without a secondary myself, it could go higher with other variables. A ggod primary system will vary its output 40psi or so (screwins are harder to make consistant), your primary reg only sees a 40psi change in input and that basicly means that the gun sees no change. The tank takes a pressure drop in the tank of 3000psi or so, to change 40psi, so a secondary wont change with that small of a change.

A secondary reg DOES smoothout the pressure variations that your primary air system will see. Thats why WGP started putting them on from the factory, it really made the cocker hum. Remember that once you set and sweet spot your reg, its done, you can leave it alone. Now a Co2 tank sorta regulates itself, as long as the ambient temperature stays the same, the Co2 tank will stay relatively the same, not exact, but close.

Bottomline, use a secondary reg no matter what, IMHO. A stock WGP reg works well on Co2, just set-up an anti-siphon tank for your gun and your set.
Or of course use a Palmers...............(My current favorite to use).

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