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Originally Posted by CovertRssian View Post
Now the T8.1 doesn't seem to have a relief valve, maybe they found out a way to keep C02 out? I think what makes the T8/T9's design prone to these hot shots is the fact that the regulator doesn't let the liquid CO2 leak back.
This is an issue with all regulators. What happens is as soon as the liquid gets past the regulator, its no longer 800psi, and it starts to boil off to reach equilibrium. This makes the regulator work like a backcheck trapping the pressure downstream.

I watched the disassembly video and there is definetly not a relief valve in the back block. However, the Tac 8.1 is advertised as having the relief valve, which leads me to believe they added a crude vent to the regulator itself.

With guns like the automag, or sledgehammer, or Palmer stab, they have a hole drilled into the regulator at the exact spot where the reg piston would be at a certain pressure. If the piston moves past that point, the pressure escapes. Not having an 8.1 myself, does it have a small hole?

Still, it does seem a little condescending now to be lectured about how evil a non adjustable vent is, with the latest gun being non-adjustable....

oh, paintball politics. Much like how 99.9% of the paintball media ignored the whole Smart Parts vs WDP vs ICP vs AKA vs AGD. Basically, paintball is so money driven with everyone so worried about liability.

"the evidence strongly suggests that neither Billy nor Adam (Smart Parts) could have invented the electronic paintgun" -Garr M. King, U.S. Judge
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