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Originally Posted by souz4402 View Post
bulk pricing for FS rounds? eh?
You poor lost soul! You can get 300 rounds of bulk FS now for less than 192 retail tube'd FS rounds! You my friend are on the door step of the wood/scenarioball revolution! Tiberius will lead us on a path that shall allow players of true skill to shine and be seperate from the other milsims with there 200 rounds of normal paint and their Cycloned Apex Tipped Flatline Electric Ramping Tippy. Save your tippy for fire support 'cause i need a gun and round that can get the job done with a single shot of lethal accuracy and range. Also the hopper and air line just kill the look of a cool marker. And I believe the FS shall also finally be able to truly seperate us from those vile speedballers and there paintslingin' space guns which dominate popular perception of the sport. And all this disscussion about .50 being the future of the paintball industry is a bunch of BS! It may add a little diversity to the sport but nothing more. FS is the true future but not for the industry but for wood/scenario scene alone! So make that tippy mad and give a shot of FS in the mask to them!

PHEW rant over lol! Remember folks this is all IMHO.
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