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Originally Posted by Pif View Post
I call fanboy or marketing.
I agree with you.

Nothing is going to change the game like that. Especially not with the mediocre performance increase of the FS rounds.
I also agree. The only reason I would use them is for that extra bit of hope for taking out a general. I would still use a different primary marker. I would like a t9 on a sling though

They won't increase your skill.
QFT. Although he did not say it would, he just put it out there that they would "stand out," although it might imply that.

There is no comparison to .50
Also QFT. The first strikes aren't going to start a revolution, and neither is .50 (IMO.)

Calling a format vile is just silly. We don't need to increase a rift in an already divided sport.
I agree. I play both, BCompany, you are really just sounding a bit ignorant here. No offense, but what is wrong with it exactly? What makes me vile for enjoying both styles of play?

This will not increase the size nor girth of your paintball peen.
Thats not what Tiberious told me :\

In the end, it's just paint. It's not JC encapsulated.

The cake is a lie.

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