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Originally Posted by Orpackrat View Post
Paintball RADARchron

When I bought the 2 trilogy's there, I bought the members thing for the $10 and got 10% off and free shipping for all future orders so it only cost about $63 shipped.
yeah i used dorosports from amazon before for my cylcone, rt to cyclone adapter and x7 hopper....
so i just googled xradar chrono and it lead me to amazon for cheapest.. one guy has it for $69.99 but $10 shipping..

dorosports is $72.95 but free shipping right now with a code if you spend $49.99 or more... sooo.

i bought a 3 point stock .. for $11.25... the xradar chrono $72.50 and double trigger kit.... all for $92!!!!!
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