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I would also say Blazer. In essence you get what you pay for. You pay good money for a good gun. A Blazer will differ from the stroker you may be used Walker stated above.

Mags are very nice guns also. I've had a few in my day and sold them regretfully. My favorite being my minimag. These days you are able to pick up very decent used mags for rather cheap. The options will fall to can get/do most anyhting with a Mag.

I would shy away from buying a Sniper...ive owned a few of those also. I find them to be very accurate/well built guns(for the most part) but dislike the feel and efficiency. Most people might disagree and suggest one but ive just never had very good results from anything that was made to be a cocker that was converted. If the "feel" is what your after I would suggest a Sterling. They are very similiar is the feel but perform on a greater level.

Over all I owuld say if you have the scratch get a Blazer if not get your self a good deal on a used Mag and start there.


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