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Odd rail question....

Hi guys..

i have an odd one for ya.

i recently (as in about 40 minutes ago) recieved a classic 68 Automag from Listessa. it's an Old mag.... i mean old enough that the valve/reg is stamped "68 Automag" not "68 Classic Automag".

the real kicker for me, and one that i'm having a tough time seeing elsewhere, is the fact that the rail isn't drilled/tapped for an ASA. it's a PF left body with a rail that seem to have dovetail sight rails milled into both sides, and mounts a backbottle ASA. valve has matched serials, CF32027.

about how old is this beast? i think it's older than most because of the lack of an ASA hole and the sight rails on the rail.

Thanks for your help

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