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PSP w/ Original Box and a Bunch of Gameboy Advance Games, mainly Pokemon versions.

PSP PACKAGE IS 80 PLUS SHIPPING NOW. May take down, dunno. We'll see.

Group of Gameboy Advance Games Left over from the DS...

Breath of Fire
Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Ring
Breath of Fire 2
Pokemon Firered Version
Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town
Lord of the Rings The Return of the King
Pokemon Sapphire Version
Pokemon Ruby Version

At this point I'm thinking 30 plus shipping for the lot. Thats less than 5 a game. The pokemon ones are good games also. Dont have a pic now, ask and ye shall receive.

PSP Gen 1 with original box, manuals, charger, and most of the stuff that came with it but the warranty. PSP itself has a scuff on the screen, just a little noticeable when the psp is on, just looks awful when its off though. It also has a small crack on the upper right corner, near the button. NOT ON THE SCREEN ITSELF!!! It does not affect performance at all.
It comes with all the original stuff as listed above, two games that both have box and manuals, Rainbow Six Las Vegas and Dungeon Siege Throne of Agony, and the case shown that has 3 protectors to hold games. Oh, and a 1G memory Card.

I'm thinking 80 plus shipping for the lot, again, if I'm off please tell me.

1.) I ship via USPS, you pay, but I'll do a free tracking code to compensate.
2.) I can do Paypal (preffered) or MO, but MO takes at least a week to process.
3.) Be polite, Otters Bite. If you have a prob, either pm me please or sick the nearest moderator on me.
4.) No trades I'm afraid.

5.) Feedback below. If you want a complete listing down to every little smidgeon w/ only one post pm me. No jokes now...

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