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A few notes on home ano

I finally got tired of looking at my old tac one rail that I always thought had been baked at some point, due to it's ugly gray color. I didn't want to sell it either in that condition (plus the holes it had re-drilled before I got it). The ano on the rail practically washed off in the first two minutes in the stripper, compared to the usual 10 minutes or so that most ano requires. It also came with some minor pitting in the original ano.

I had an old RT sight rail in black and an RT ASA in black. The idea was to dye them all a light green that was similar to the "mantis green" feed neck I had on my main minimag body. The adventure made me appreciate even more the guys that do ano professionally.

I think my biggest problem was that the rail was a 7000 series aluminum and was behaving differently from the other two parts. Couple that with a cheap Rit dye mix, and my color control went out the window. The dye was 10 parts yellow and 1 part green, but that didn't stop the tac rail from soaking up a bunch of green. Different pore size I guess.

I have to say the tac rail was a pita, but the ASA and sight rail were very well behaved. They ano'd cleanly and took dye well. I Actually had the ASA matched to the sight rail, but had to go back and try a fade to black for my grip.

I ano'd the rail three times with good current and time and still got mysterious blems that never appeared on my other parts (some in the same baths).

Considering this is really a rec ball marker for me, I'm not so disappointed. The grips have all different shades of green to tie it together. However, I will continue to prefer 6000 series aluminum to play with.

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