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I'd love to do some anodizing again but I just don't have the real estate in the garage to do it properly... but man.. when I have those 3 or 4 small raw parts I want done it sure would be nice.

If going with a kit, this is one reason I would opt for Newman's stuff.

The basic and advanced kit will save most "do it yourselfers" money by not selling buckets, wire, fish tank heaters like other kits. I sell just the guide, dyes and chemicals that you can't get locally. Everything else like battery charger, battery acid, buckets, aluminum wire, heaters, etc, you can pick up cheap yourself. No need to spend a fortune on a high priced kit that includes items you may already have on hand.

Still, even some of what's in the kit isn't necessary to start out. Maybe the desmut and the sealer and a small selection of dye colors.

While it can be kind of a pain to navigate, a great resource site is

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Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
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