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Fern Green/White Etek 2 with Cure 2 Bolt

Hello MCarterBrown: Check out this AMAZING marker...This ETEK 2 won my tournament, its a great tournament/recball marker. Very reliable and super accurate.

Marker: Fern Green/White Etek2
Condition: Minor Scratches and Nicks
Upgrades: Curebolt 2 ($50), Hybrid Grips ($15)
Comes with: Stock Bolt, Eclipse Shaft Barrel, and any other goodies I can find...
Known Problems: Mechanically, none. Electronically, none.
Shipping Options: USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box
Trades of interest: None. But will look at offers
Location of item: Richmond, VA

Asking Price: $365 shipped Semi-Firm - Paypal Preferred, Money Order Accepted

Pics are from previous owner, will get new pics soon. I'm not looking for trades in particular but feel free to offer them up as "free bumps" or if something is ridiculously in my favor, I may trade.

Total Invested over $550 yours for $365 Semi-Firm
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2) Fern Green/White Etek2 with Cure2 and Hybrid Grips 3) Gloss Red DP G3 IQ with Ape Board
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