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Remember if you go mag to get the Smart Parts Little black box
Why you
I know a little about Mags, enough to at least know about the black box.
Just don't know how finicky they can be. Or how dependable.
I figured the Blazer would come out on top. I love my Stroker, shoots darts and the rof is fast enough for me, and being a PGP is light enough too. Just needed to know how each would match up against the other.
The Sniper was just an idea since all those body kits floating around ebay, you could really build a one of a kind Sniper. Price wise not terrible, maybe under $200 for what I wanted.
A Mag is around $100 or so right now, leaving extra money for upgrades or parts, the HPA I have so that is not a problem when choosing the valve.
Now the Blazer I may be able to get for $200 or less, and no I will not tell any of you where.
So after I was planning on getting a Mag the Blazer came up and I am kind of torn about which one to get.
I wouldn't mind tinkering with the Mag as long as it was more or less dependable, and I am sure with any problem I would have someone here would be able to help.
There will always be more Mags out there but a Palmers Blazer may be to good to pass up.
Thanks for all the info guys, and keep posting anything else I may need to know.
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