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Originally Posted by ironchef97 View Post
Nice job. So you are the owner of the rear fanged fastback!
Yeah I've had it for a while now. It was one of the few Doc had available at the time. It's still just polished raw. I would like to get polished up again and clear annodized.

Originally Posted by onecaribou View Post
Curious, what is that acrylic/clear adapter for the hopper? Did you make that yourself?
That piece is what is left of a warp feed body. I'm still going to cut it down a little more and clean it up so it doesn't look so rough. I really didn't want to sacrifice the body but I still have 2 other warps, one of them never opened BNIB I got direct from Tom Kaye at an event. It was the only thing I could think of to mount it and have some adjustability without completely fabricating something.

I need to make or have made a warp feed gun bracket that is longer than the stock and maybe not as angled so that I have a little more room between the hopper and the gun.
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