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Kentucky Area Rec Player Thread

Waldo - the original "pump" thread has turned more into a general area rec-players thread, so in order to get more people to check out and post here, I've started this thread to remove "pump" from the title. Hopefully it will entice others not of the pump persuasion, but are here in Kentucky to post various goings-on.

Not limited to Louisville area, so all you 'ballers from around the state - feel free to post here too! Heck, a lot of us in Louisville like to travel from time to time so we may visit. And Asylum / Third Eye always welcomes visitors!

So, first order of Biz - TBuck has a brand-spanking new RT-Pro 'Mag to play with, so he's itching to get out this Saturday! He'll probably roll into Asylum around 6:30am and be sitting in the staging area mumbling something about "my precious..." while gazing deeply into his Mag's feed neck... Sad, I know - but we've all been there..

So Post up and welcome ALL in Kentucky!!
(southern Indiana too!)

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