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My new S6.5 review!

So i recently recieved my new S6.5 and all i can say is WOW!

this gun is smoking out of the box.

For those that have an S6, this platform will be familiar, but for myself who never has owned a CCM, this gun is the bee's knees. I've noticed a couple of little things that help me to confirm that CCM listens to the players and executes on a scale unparalleled by any others in the business.

Little thing #1: As i was ordering this martial piece of art, one thing i was slightly (but not overly) concerned with was the discussion of dirty hammers affecting velocity. I have seen some ingenious methods of adapting to this situation with panel covers and the such, but it looks to me that CCM was on the case! They have extended the length of the hammer and made it sleeved to house the spring but also block from debris entering the lower chamber. INGENIOUS! With just a little use, i've not had any issues with the hammer gunking up at all. And plan to thoroughly test this new system at the STL OSC's where the forecast is supposed to be soupy. sounds like a great test to this new fix.

at rest


Little thing#2: Recessed and sliding trigger frame. Now i've had CCM 86frames on other markers, but never married to a CCM body; and while the screw holes are recessed it's not quite as convenient as the this setup. The ability to loosen up the trigger frame and adjust where my reg is rotationaly postioned. is invaluable to ensuring a comfortable setup with macro-fittings and the asa.

Little thing 3#: Back in the day, i remember when there was pretty much just the standard CCM pump handle and the wgp one. Those were the basic setups that u could go with. But CCM goes further and has allowed the purchaser of the gun to pick what of three styles of pump handle best fits you. Also having the choice of a 45 or 86 gripframe really allows you to custom setup your ride in the most comfortable for you. Choices only help make the immediate purchase of this marker justified.

Little thing 4#: Barrel-from the beginning of my time in pball, the first thing you replaced when purchasing a gun was the barrel. No matter how nice it looked on the gun, it had to go. Not so with the CCM yet. I am a diehard deadlywind wispur barrel user, but upon shooting the CCM sizer kit i don't know if my deadlywind will make it onto this gun. The stock CCM barrel is phenomenal! plain and simple, a super clean interior so smooth i can look down the barrel, and read words through the opposite end off the reflection on the walls of the barrel.

Plus a little addition to the barrel is the sizers. I have a freak kit that goes down to .681, and while that was nice...6years ago, paint is super small nowadays. having a range of .675 to .690 is fantastic. And just having three sizers in the 7's is variety fit to present day paint. These people care, these people listen, and these people execute for our benefit.

And i know this is not a "little thing" persay, but those new macroline fittings are the TISH! an added opportunity to pimp your ride with ano matched fittings really completes the overall look. If you order a new piece from CCM and don't order these fittings, you are missing out. plain and simple.

Speaking of pimping your ride, all it takes is a little searching in this forum and you can see the myriad of color choices that one has upon ordering. You can truely put together a color scheme that is unique to your tastes.

Another little thing that shows the guys care is their willingness to truely make your gun "yours". They have laser engraving that can knock your socks off. I personally asked for them to put the text "CCM/3EV" on my feed collar. Our team name is Third EyE Vision aka 3EV. They went above and beyond that, they somehow dug out our team logo and laser engraved it onto the collar next to their logo...three times. basically our logo is the size of your pinky nail and is wrapped around the collar interlaced with their logo.

bad pictar horrible camera

Now that is above and beyond if you ask me.

So whether it's having the choice to pick grips, pumps, feednecks, and colors; to one of if not the best customer service in the industry, this gun is for you!

Pics to come soon!

edit: pics

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