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Pretty much correct.

If you are a dealer, you can have a dealer forum, but you can't just go around soliciting people that you have X,Y, or Z for sale when you are a dealer.

If you had a product out of your own personal stash and you're just trying to be helpful, that's one thing, and that's ok. But when it steps over that line into being a dealer, selling because you buy and sell, then that's not ok.

Reason being is because we have multiple dealers here, and if every one of them started blatantly soliciting every member that mentioned they needed something, this would quickly become a non-fun place to be.

I've had multiple complaints about this activity and it's why we're enforcing these rules. I don't want users complaining because of solicitations by dealers outside the dealer thread, and since they have been, I have to insist folks stop these actions.
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