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Good week for MicroMags...

Funny how these things work out...

I had JUST gotten rid of a Desert Fox when I saw a "Jungle Nights" Micromag on eBay. So I had money in paypal that would allow me to bid.

Just like that, the family grew by one. This one has a cut trigger guard and from what I can tell, a completely custom trigger.

Then, only days later, I get the parts that I had sent off to Claudio back.

Once assembled, they make a beautiful, black with mint green splash, Micro E-mag. The body on this one has been side-milled, and had the sight rail removed for a cleaner look, as well as that sweet, sweet anno.

So now I have to figure out which one to use next time I hit the field. Choices, choices...

MicroMags 'R Us

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