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Mag Q's...

Hey Guys,
I must say that ever since I got back into PB about 2 years ago I've always loved the look of mags. I now find my self coveting/whoring some kind of mag. I know nothing about them other then that they prefer air ( not a prob I have my own compressor). I was wondering the differences between the x-mag ( Walrus that thing is a beauty) and the Pneumag. When I get one I'd prob want either an Pneumag or Emag but I have no idea on fair prices for them. I've been trolling AO but I always come home to MCB when I want advice. Now that I'm done rambling here are the questions.

1) What is a fair price for a pneumag that is ready to use ( barrel, asa, valve)? It seems popular to sell less than complete markers.

2) Is there much difference between a pneumag and an emag?

3) What kind of loader will I need to feed one of these?

4) What does it take to work on /maintain these markers? I do all my own work but don't need to get into a huge mess if I can help it.

As always thanks in advance.

If you are selling/trading either of these LMK.
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