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Got a chance to handle one in the local shop, and all I have to say is, not bad.

Barrel threads seem to be A5/X7/Procarb/etc. though I could be incorrect as we didn't try any other barrels. The entire action itself could use a little smoothing, but it's not terrible considering the price. The body does come back a bit further than I'm used to, and the grip angle makes for an interesting shooter. The gun also looks a LOT better in person than it did online.
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Kinda scary how someone in a bright red hawaiian shirt can sneak up behind you like that, huh.
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[20:54:32] <Walking_Target> Kinda awesome, you walk in and there's the giant black dildo right in front of the register
[20:54:33] <thisissparta> it's AWESOME.
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