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Originally Posted by ASKA View Post
Can't wait for the mag parts. I've got a full-ish (XPX only fills to ~3.8k) 45/45 and a bag of bootleg paint waiting for it.

Another thing, When I aired it up at the field and I would get the same old powertube leak, I would try to disregard it and try to RT it but I held the trigger at the highest point I could allowing for the worst mechanical advantage and I still couldn't get it to RT. I know that whole thing could be invalid because of the leak, but just a thought. The tank is most definitely outputting 900 PSI.

Wait, I owe you guys some pics. Gimme a sec
It all depends on when you fill Oscar, I usually get 4200 fills. Of course I get my fill, then I allow the tanks to cool for a bit before "topping off" for lack of better term.

You'll get lower fills during the day when everyone is filling but I can usually get a solid fill at the end of the day.
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