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Firstly, as long as you're having fun, you're not too old for this sport. To answer your questions:

1) your guns can be accurate if you make sure the barrel an breech are immaculate and you are using high quality paint. Since you are playing pump, splurge and get the tournament grade paint that breaks on target. the lb probably has too big a barrel bore to be used with today's sub-680 paint, which is probably partly the source of your velocity issues.

2) no matter which gun you own, the trick is to have two working guns with you at the field. Get everything working at home so you're not tinkering at the field. Owning a chrono helps with this goal.

3) price. You've already got good guns. Make them better with maintenance and target practice. I would not recommend an automag unless you have a high speed loader already. Mags are beloved but in reality can be unreliable paint blenders.

4) your gun are already light weight.

5) get a 13ci/3k or 45ci/45k HPA bottle, and ditch the co2. The cold weather is the other reason for your velocity problems.

6) practice, and you'll have no problem facing down the opposition with their cheater machineguns.

Really, you just need to play more to improve.
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