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[QUOTE=chopper duke;1632794]This. I don't know that any Sterling remake, or knockoff, etc will live up to or be equal to a Sterling.


I wouldn't consider Arrow-Precision's latest version of the Sterling a 're-make', and it's definately not a knock-off.

They've revised what was there, and added to the mix.
They've removed some of the biggest problems;

Velocity adjustment: Once the bane of all of us Sterling owners who used to have to change springs, add shims, or add a regulator, now done with a simple allen key.

Detent: Once needed to be done by Eclipse, Palmer's or other Airsmiths, now standard.

Barrel threads: Barrels were simply impossible to find, now threaded with the most prevalent thread pattern in Paintball.

Stock Class Version: Again, this would need to be done by a Custom Shop.

No, I think Arrow precision did it right, now all we need is parts..........

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