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White Wolf Airsmithing Feedback

enclosed is an email I am sending to Joe White of WWA. today 18Jun07.

Hey Joe here is my addy so you can send me my AC body/bolt/backblock and asa, and the two freak tips, and frantom barrel I ordered. and paid for.

Enclosed are pics of the asa, which I believe was to be annoed black.
and pics of the AC body, which was to have a delrin front placed on the bolt.

Whether or not the work was completed I would like the parts returned to me.

here is the payapl transaction number for the frantom and freak fronts Dated Oct. 9, 2004 # XXXXXXXXX

Thank You,
Angel Pena
Albuquerque, NM XXXXX

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit gun whorring...
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