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Originally Posted by OSG Paintball View Post
I really see absolutely nothing in common between Pantera and Holy Grail. Holy Grail is awesome, but Pantera is...Pantera. It's like comparing Ozzy to Sevendust...just wrong.

Thank you, at least somebody actually listens to them, and knows their sound. I couldnt compare Holy Grail to any of the earliest pantera from their glam/power years, and I cant draw any conclusions between Holy grail and Pantera post glam years....(yes I still listen to their early years).

It's crazy how peoples taste in metal are so different. I personally feel the other 2 bands I posted are way better than Holy Grail yet everyone here digs Holy Grail haha. I posted them on another forum and I got the same exact response. It's cool though as long as people find new music they like and I can supply it I'm happy about it!
You are right there too. metal tastes are very diferent. my two best friends are all about he death and black metal. I can actually get into maybe 1/10 bands that they like. growls and screams are ok in my mind, but I love it when its balanced out with some real singing. such as bands like trivium. I may get hated on for that one, or praised, never know, but they are freakin awesome. But my metal tastes are very broad I suppose, from my favourite thrash, to power, to some well writen death and black, to speed metal. euro metal is hit/miss for me, but I have alot of favourites, and I think everybody here has listed them... anything and everything, as long as it makes my ears ring, just right.

I think we may be getting a little deep for this thread though. All the man wanted was some suggestions on music. and really, Im being a jerk calling DRG out on the fact that he doesnt listen to Pantera. Sorry man, still too opinionated.
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