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DLX Offers Impulse Trade In

DLX Technology Group offers $500 trade-in value to players who move up from a 2009 Smart Parts Impulse to the ultimate luxury paintball marker.

For Immediate Release - For a limited time, owners of a complete (working or not) recent model year Smart Parts Impulse can trade their marker in to DLX Technology Group for a value of $500 dollars off the factory-direct purchase of a DLX Luxe.

"Because of our parts manufacturing relationship with Smart Parts, we were able to obtain the remaining stock of Impulse parts when they closed their doors, and we've been providing service and support for Impulse owners," said DLX Director Darryl Trent. "That part supply is now running thin, and this trade in program will provide a path for Impulse owners to upgrade to a top performing, ultra-reliable and easy to maintain Luxe paintball marker. The trade-up program will also help us re-stock with components to continue supporting players who stay with their Impulse."

The Impulse trade-in program begins February first, 2011 and will continue only until a sufficient part supply is re-stocked at DLX, so interested Impulse owners will need to act quickly. Only 2009 model year (the recent re-designed re-release of the Impulse) are eligible for the upgrade offer. Trade-in participants do not need to be the original owner of the Impulse. If the marker was bought used or traded, it is still eligible for the full trade-in value. Trade-in markers do not need to be working, but they must be complete, with all of their original parts. For markers with a few minor missing parts (bolt, eye-cover, etc.) a reduced discount may be negotiated on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of DLX Technology Group.

For more information, contact DLX Technology group at 866-573-5893 or 707-293-9648.
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