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This is good. This is very, very good for the market for markers. I foresee a couple good things here:

1) Agglets who would normally buy used markers that are quasi-working because they're 'tourney guns' may look to a brand spanking new Axe because the pros are shooting $500 markers.

2) The price of used markers might drop even lower if the market moves towards buying new.

3) People may start to think twice before upgrading year over year to one generation newer of the same stuff since the value of last years version could potentially fall lower...and force the industry TO ACTUALLY MAKE IMPROVEMENTS AND CREATE NEW AND INTERESTING DESIGNS that would make sense to upgrade to the latest generation or dare I say, completely new marker!

On a side note, I'd like to see the deal the boys got to swallow their pride and play with the "low end' marker...lets not forget, this team had their own private label everything for a long time--egos, velocity hoppers, pants, packs etc, etc...wouldn't be surprised if you see Thomas Taylor cruising around in a new S-Class on Kee's bill.
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