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I have been using the MyFitnessPal app on the my Droid X to monitor my calorie intake for the last month. I can scan any barcode and it will pull up all the information from the nutrition facts and track them all for me. I have a set amount of calories i want to intake a day and this greatly helps monitor them. THey have over 30,000 foods in their database, and if it is soemthing without a barcode like home cooked chicken you can search for that and get a general idea on the counts to add to your total. Nothing that goes in my mouth is not on that list on my phone. I keep it updated at all times and can always see where i am. If you don't have an Android they just have the ability to use the app online at I love this app

I was 272 on Dec 18 when i saw my doctor before what was supposed to be surgery. Now a little over a month later by just monitoring what i am eating, changing my diet over, and busting *** at the gym i am down to 242.6 lbs. XD About 15-20 lbs to go. XD
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