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This thread is a consolidation of the mods and upgrades I currently offer for Tiberius markers.
I am working on a website to make it easier to order and purchase so stay posted!
I offer custom creations, fabrications and modifications.
You can contact me at fixxxerscreatorium(at)gmail(dot)com

Triggers + Index Mag Releases
Ares Triggers - Bare + Stealth Mode finish

Sinner + Emperor $48.00 ea

Goldfinger Limited Special Edition $66.60

Goldfinger Custom Edition - $100.00 (set)

Ares - $48.00

Stealth Mode Ares

Index Mag Releases - $25.00

Index Mag Release (brass) - $44.40

Bolt Mod (Polish Only) - $15.00

Skeletor (Custom) - Stealth Mode

Edit: Huge Price drop on Index Mag Releases
Proudly New Zealand Craftsmanship Made in the USA

Sponsored by Tiberius Arms Factory, Military Assault Gear

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