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The super bad paintball fever itch.

OK. It's March 3.

In ND, that means we have about a month until we can feasibly possibly maybe play some paintball. Even so, at the end of this month or beginning of April its definitely a cold and wet proposition, with a side order of mud.

My yearly paintball cycle looks like this:

On season: Play every weekend, spend all excess cash on paint and air.
Early off season: Play video games.
Mid off season: Get the itch, complain about winter.
Late off season: Get the itch bad, spend a pile of money on a bunch of un-necessary gear.

So far I've bought a new mask and... Five. Five new markers! Why did I buy five new markers? Because, getting them in the mail and all set up for playing (though I probably won't play with most of them) helps take the edge off. (Automag Classic R/T, BT TM7, PPS SuperStocker, Tiberius 9, CCM T2)

Last night, I sat up putting new macro fittings and CP hardware on my mags, changing the shell on my Halo, experimenting with the air set up on my Tac-One, etc. I think I've cleaned my gear 3 or 4 times this month.

I sat up talking with my buddy Kuhn until 10 past 3 in the morning talking about playing paintball and fiddling with gear.

Yes, I know there's winter ball, but there's a line... When it's -2 and windy, you don't want to play any damn winter ball.

Is anyone else stuck in this "can't play paintball" hell? How are you coping?
... Time to dance!
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