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snap shooting...once you get the hang of it, you'll find your average semi player likes to hang out waiting for you to pop out and lay a string on you. Once you are used to it, snapping will become your main weapon. Out, shoot, back in...if you do it right, once you pop back out you'll see them walking off.

The trick is to get them to post on you, good players will know not to sit there waiting for you with their gun up, but most of the time its a habit they get into. After that, its all about keying into their location. Practice practice practice, eventually your body will know where to point the gun and you don't have to work as hard at it.

Otherwise, sneaky is good, but since its your first time, you'll get shot out a bit more perhaps, but those eliminations you get feel SO worth it. Its just the sense of accomplishment that you did more with less.
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automags are easy on the upkeep to, from what my friends have told me u can clean them with a hammer
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We can always hack and mold it the way we want it. This is MCB after all....
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