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Freedom - In theory you are absolutely correct. One pound of human fat is about 3,500 stored calories.

However, there are some people who are at a daily caloric surplus in their diet. As a matter of fact, I would say this is the majority of people. These people will have to cut more than 500 per day. If you are currently overeating by 500 calories for example, you would need to cut or burn 1000 per day to go into caloric deficit.

There are other problems with using the mathematical "theory" to weight loss.

1. It's almost impossible to know your base metabolic rate without a medical professional doing tests.

2. Also, there is something called the "Thermic Effect of Food". This describes the number of calories your body uses to digest what you've eaten. Everything you eat has a different thermic effect. Protein has the highest thermic effect, fat the lowest, carbs in the middle. This means that even if you meticulously track your "calories in" you're still going to be off on your math. If you're at too much of a caloric defecit, you'll put your body in famine mode and fail to lose weight no matter what you do.

And finally, yes. If you lead a quite active lifestyle and eat several small meals through the day on a regular basis, your metabolism will be firing all day, every day. This would enable you to be less strict on your diet. You'll probably be pretty ravenously hungry through the day because your body is looking for the calories. Granted, if you eat like crap on a consistent basis your metabolism will eventually slow back down and start storing calories. Some people are never able to eat "what they want (pizza, burgers, wings, beer)" without gaining weight, regardless of what they do.
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