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Originally Posted by Helmi_17 View Post
Freedom - Some people are never able to eat "what they want (pizza, burgers, wings, beer)" without gaining weight, regardless of what they do.
This is true for a few people I know. I have a history in my family of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and overweight people, . I think it is more due to diet because not everyone has it. I am trying now in my life to get in a routine that way later on in life it will be easier to stick with the same old plan. Teach my future family/kids to eat healthy and eat food more as fuel not as a means of entertainment or pleasure. The other day my Mom kept trying to get me to try all this food though I was done eating for the day. It was late and I reached how much food I wanted to eat and since I don't spend a whole lot of time eating with them I had forgotten that is how i was raised. Living on my own I have been able to eat better and with more of a goal in mind.

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