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omg sooooooo many.

1986ish....200+ foot (all down hill) gog shot with a K1 long barrel sheridan.
1987ish .62 call pump action m16 (will post pics of these.....found an old photo) in field we called the village a guy about 50 feet over in another building kept poping out and shooting I timed him and poped out when he wasmnt there fired and ducked back in he poped out in time to get a round in the goggs.
2005 playing .43 only 2 guys where making their way up the hill to our base and and seemed to wiping everyone out (there was lots of unhappy people coming off the hill talking about the 2 cheeters) I looked over at my TL who gave me the nod and off I went, found these 2 guys when I was running across the side of the hill and double taped them in the head as I ran past.
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