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Originally Posted by bellicose View Post
Wish I could have been there. Will hit up the fall one if I can. Does it have as many people?
Originally Posted by scphantom9195 View Post
I had a blast at SG41. I took my son for his first big game, and he also had a great time.

The fall SG is usually smaller in numbers than the spring game.

If you are talking about the guy in the back of the tank, I think they were invinsible inside the tank, like another turret. If you could take the shots, you could keep shooting.
yep those were the rules. only things that could kill tanks were rockets. hell in the morning brief they said we shouldnt even shoot at the tank unless we had rockets. we didnt listen needless to say. i know a yellow mini tank pulled up and though he was hard. popped out with his TPX and shot a bunch of guys in the back. while they were arguing with the ref, me and RNS were popping the tank pilot in the back of the head. about once ever 4-5 seconds. (he was wearing a helmet)
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