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I used to buy from them back in the 90's. Service blew hardcore. While I don't agree with google bumping them back a few pages over some piddly little domain issues, they deserved to go under.

Living in Alaska, one either paid 150 dollars for a box of Marbs at the local hardware store or bought from Action Village. For some reason, they never bothered to post that they only shipped to Alaska via UPS next day air, even though the full range of shipping options were available. It was shocking to see shipping costing more than a case of paint, but that's how they rolled. Forget calling and complaining, they would just argue right back and refuse to accept any returns. Eventually, I just bought from my hardware store because Action Village pissed me off so much. And I have also had the displeasure of experiencing their lack of inventory even when an item was listed as in stock. It kind of sucks when a part you ordered for your 'cocker 6 months ago shows up at your doorstep in Alaska when you're going to school in Cali.
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