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I got two of'em and they're excellent markers. As reliable as my 2 dozen Model 98's but more consisent, lighter, smaller, tighter and virtually no recoil.

My only complaint is the ergonomics of the built-in, angled ASA at the bottom rear of the grip. You either go with the bottle angled back and down, or get a drop forward which makes it even taller.

Jim is difficult to get a hold of, be aware he's been dealing with an on-going illness, but just stay determined--the product is worth it.

I agree, skip the Trap Door Pro and stick with the original. Yes, Jim still has some old, original Epic parts left and should be able to dig up a single-trigger frame for your DV8 (he did for me, and it was blue!). I'd also recommend you buy the spare parts kits now, for far in the future when you need them and they're no longer available.

By the way, if you find/request-if-available an original left-feed body, you can attach the DV8 offset-vertical feed to it to make a horizontal left-feed marker. Add a Warp Feed and you've an even tighter marker.

I hope this helps and you buy this wonderfully unique and remarkable marker. Good luck!
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