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I’ve played tournaments too back in the day 84-86 and never saw this. But it’s kind of hard to bonus ball with a nelspot or pg/pgp. My games were in the woods/swamps, and in Texas at the Nationals one year, with fire ants. 10 on 10 15 on 15 on a couple acres so it was a much different game. I never got on a speedball field until maybe 2 years ago.

And I never saw anyone take justice into their own hands on the field in those years. And as a ref at Coram under Mike and John we did not tolerate any kind of nonsense from walk-ons or regulars, regular games or competitive games. Maybe because we were older players, 20 + years old, and not kids. We were very well aware of the controversy of our sport at the time and did everything we could to discourage any kind of negative anything.

When you give respect, sometimes you get respect and sometimes you don’t. So when you don’t get respect back, instead of just walking away, you act like a thug and cause physical injury and pain to another person on purpose. For “respect”. So now paintball is akin to gang behavior.

So what you are saying is instead of banding together and demanding and making changes you fed your money into a system that was corrupt and encouraged others to as well. Of the 2 choices – play a corrupt game and have to hurt others and risk being hurt myself or not play at all – option 2 seems the better of the option. The other option not mentioned is creating an honest, real league. Where rules are enforced and unsportsmanlike conduct is not rewarded but punished.

Would you play baseball, football, basketball, tennis, or anything for that matter knowing the refs and umpires were working against you? Instead of walking and creating a league that discouraged the kind of behavior we see and hear about, you choose to become one of those who continue unsportsmanlike like behavior and acceptance of this behavior. Instead of taking the high road of mature responsible sportsmanlike play you’ve chosen to take the low road and act just like those who cause the problems and to perpetuate unsportsmanlike like behavior to win a game – seems very childish.

It’s not paintball’s refusal/inability to put real referees on the field and to enact real sanctions against deserving players. It’s the players acceptance of this and their feeding of money into this system. If you feed a pig **** and it eats the ****, why spend money on giving it real food when it is perfectly happy eating ****.
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