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Originally Posted by Cheers! View Post
Reasoning? I'm curious about what people think about this. To me, I could give two ****s about what the rules say. What's more important to me is the game itself. If it doesn't change/wreck the game then I say allow it. A gun with an autotrigger, and high capacity loader would put out waaaaaay more paint then this.

Furthermore, if anyone is going to say "Oh well it's a semi! It can't be allowed in a pump tourney!" Well put it this way...what determines what a trigger is? A trigger is something that activates the gun. So on an autotrigger pump, the pump handle itself becomes a trigger and the gun (essentially) becomes semi auto, meaning that if you hold the trigger (the traditional sense of the word 'trigger') the gun becomes semi auto in that you are now using the pump handle itself as a trigger. Forgive me if I am being unclear, but anyways, what are you going to do? Ban autotriggers?

this man has a huge point. I agree at least one person will complain, but who cares. Midnight I hope you win I'd be a huge notch in anyones belt. Goodluck
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