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In my mind - the pump must chamber the ball, and recock the marker without assistance.

If you only chamber the ball by pumping it - it is not a pump.

If you only re-cock the marker by pumping it - it is not a pump.

I think of this like a pump shotgun. It both recocks the shotgun, and chambers the round.

If you can fire the marker repeatedly without pumping it - it is not a pump.

To me, many markers depend on if you deem loading a spring to be essential to it being a pump.

P-mag's require you to chamber a ball (or allow a ball to fall into a chamber) and reset the marker to be fired. But you are not loading a spring.

MQ'd pumps require you to chamber a ball - but do not reset the marker to fire. I disagree with Diomedes here - you can fire again without pumping - you just cannot fire a ball. It, to my mind, is not a pump.

PA'd pumps are just auto cockers that toggle the 4 way with a pump handle. They are the least pump-like of the breed.

With all of that said - I really don't care what I play with or against - pumps are hard enough to play with - so they all 'count' in my book - but some are not pure pumps.

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